"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged, for the LORDyour God will be with you wherever you go. " - Joshua 1:9

Friday, March 9, 2012


Haiti.....ahhhh my new found obsession. I love anything and everything about it. I wish I would have sat down and wrote this blog as soon as i arrived , but better late than never.

So we left Crossroads Fellowship to head to Haiti on February 5th. We met at the church, packed up in a van and Jonathan Yarborough drove us to the airport. I was so crazy nervous, one...i was going to be away from my husband and children with no communication whatsoever. two...i had no idea what God had in store for me. and three....I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS!!!! haha I always freak out on planes so I was really not looking forward to having a layover in Florida and waking up the next day to face my fears ....2 Timothy 1:7 becomes my favorite plane scripture. haha So we flew out of Houston and arrived in Florida about 7:30pm. We had a 12 hour layover so we had to spend the night at the airport. There is NOTHING fun about sleeping on the floor in a cold...VERY COLD airport, if you could even sleep . I finally figured i needed body heat, so I snuggled up next to Shawna while she was asleep hahaha.
So the next morning we woke up and boarded the plane to Haiti, I sent out my final text message goodbyes, and made my last phone calls. I actually was not that scared on the plane because it happened that I sat next to Jacob from Masters commission and well he is the biggest teddy bear ever and I learned so much about this young man on my way there. What a BIG heart for GOD he has.
Then it happened, looking out my window I got my first glimpse of Haiti. There was a lot of Debris still in the water, but for the most part, absolutely beautiful. I had landed in paradise haha. We got off the plane and it was kinda cool to experience an airport where you don't exit into a HUGE building, we were transferred by bus to te building were Immigration and our luggage awaited. There I first saw the beautiful people of Haiti!! It was getting real. Creole was being spoken , luggage's pulled left and right. We were instructed to grab our luggage and just follow...and DO NOT LET GO haha. So we all loaded the Acts 29 Bus waiting for us and headed to the office.
Once we got to the office , we had a potty break and headed to the market to buy food for the widows of the villages. I was on Henry Claude's team. Our goal was to buy Spaghetti and Cooking oil. We walked through the market. Nothing like our farmers market. It was packed, food everywhere, even meat and fish that had been sitting out all day in the HOT sun. not my most favorite smell in the world. but I survived. Now we get to the vendor that we need to buy from. I start feeling a little nausea's....then all of a sudden I feel like I'm going to faint. I look at Shelly and Kate and tell them that I feel like poop. Kate takes her only water that she has left and hands it to me. I'm thinking its either a) I have not eaten any real food all day , and B) I had taken my malaria meds....BAD COMBO. So the more I drank the water, the more I wanted to puke my brains out. But like I said I was in the market, where these people buy food to eat. How am I going to puke here. Henry Claude then tells me to go behind the house....but to get to the back I have to climb over plantains and through a barbwire fence. I was like awesome, I'm going to puke and I'm going to get tetanus haha. But Henry CLade held it open for me and I went through. So I went to the back only to find this is were they throw the spoiled food and meat. That totally helped me get going in being sick. Afterward I climbed back through. I felt sooooo much better. We walked back to the bus and headed back to the office.
Once in the office we made widow packets. The packets included, toothpaste, cooking oil, spaghetti, hand towels...etc. One cool job me and Shelly received was to look through a box of underwear and find the most widow like underwear we could find haha. Oh boy did we find some haha. After that day was complete we headed back to Calico to go to sleep. There we were greeted by an amazing beach and food. I ate till I could NOT breathe anymore haha. That was day one and ministry work had not even started yet . haha

Monday, February 20, 2012


Those of you who know me, know that I just got back from a mission trip to Haiti. I was very fortunate enough to be able to travel with an amazing team from my church Crossroads Fellowship. I think It will be neat for those who helped me out to know the whole journey, so I am willing to share it with you .

So a couple of months back during service they made an announcement for people to sign up for information on an upcoming Haiti mission trip. It sounded resonably priced and I always have wanted to go on a mission trip so I went ahead and placed my name on the list. I would say atleast 2 months went by and I had not heard anything, and I didnt really feel like asking questions. I mean it sounded neat but nothing I JUST HAD TO DO.

So on January 6 Zodwa from our chuch sent me an email saying, that they had lost the contact list but wanted to let me know that the trip was still happening and it was going to be in 4 weeks. I didnt even give it a second thought when I emailed her back and told her I would NOT be coming. Hayden my 4 year old had just had an overnight ER visit that cost us a pretty penny, so I knew atleast I thought that the finances were my biggest obstacle. So I went on about my day and life. THEN.......Sunday morning came! Pastor Mike preached about allwoing God to use us, so I went up to altar and creid my face off. I didnt know exactly why I was so emotional . All I knew is that there was a meeting for those intrested in going to Haiti after service and I was suppose to go to it. Here is a link to that exact service in case you are intrested. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19646171.

Well I looked at Brian and asked him if he would be okay with getting the boys from Kids church and waiting for me. In the Meeting I learned not only that the trip was in about 4 weeks but also that half of the 1500 needed to go was due in 1 WEEK. I freaked out, no way I could make that kind of money that fast.Well I told myself that If it was God's will it would happen, if not than I could just go about my merry life.

Right away I got home and started sending out emails and letters asking family and friends for prayers and financial support. The following day I got to work to face my first obstacle. I met with my manager and friend Stephanie and asked her if there was any way possible I could have time off for the trip. She took about half a second to think about it and agreed. ....1st step down. Next I needed to figure out ways to fundraise so I thought about having a garage sale and selling breakfast burritos at church with the help of the amazing breakfast taco maker , Mrs. Sandra pastor Nicks wife. She agreed.!!!! Shortly after i started receiveing emails from church members and friends letting me know they had things to donate towards my garage sale..Little did I know I would have half a garage full of things to make money for my trip. By Friday the first week i had received two checks in the mail. I had a total of $75.00 . The arrangememnts I had made for care of my boys fell trhough due to my husband having to go out of town on business the same exact days I was due to leave. I was feeling discouraged . I woke up at 4:30 in the morning on saturday and started setting up shop for my garage sale. The next day I woke up at the same time and helped Mrs. Sandra make 100 burritos to sale. By the end of the day sunday when atleast 800 was due, I turned in $971.00!!!!!! Talk about picking up my spirits.

In the next 10 days I had another garage sale and I managed to make the difference a long with a Donation made by my employer. I turned in my $1,500 =).In the mean time the Lord also showed me people in my life that stuck their hands, arms and feet out to help me, that I would have least expected to. I am sooo sooo greatful for the people God has placed in my life. By then the arrangements for my kids had been settled, my parents agreed to watch them for me for the entire week.

If this didnt tell me to prepare for God to knock my face off in Haiti.....I dont know what would. Jesus wanted me to go.....and he provided....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Texas Brain and Spine

I sit here today at work. I just put in my two week notice to Dr. Bonnen to start a new part of my life. God has opened the door for me to work at my Church at Crossroads Early Learning Center. While I am very very excited I cant help but be sad about everything I am leaving behind. I have worked here for 4 amazing years. Everyday being full of laughter, tears and dancing. I made some of my very best friends in this office. I learned that not all Neuro-surgeons have God like syndrome...some have I love God syndrome, and thats exactly what Dr. James Bonnen has. I have never worked for such a caring individual as himself. He cared for me personaly and my family. I see the way he cares for his patients and I wish only any Dr. I or my family come in contact with will care for us the same. His wife Kim and daughters have always been nothing more than generous to myself and the staff. Mama Nancy his P.A was always looking out for me and helping me out with my millions and millions of health and personal issues. When Dr's and google told me I was a walking dead person she assured me I was not haha. Jeanne, Always making me laugh and bringing out the mexican in me,..aaaaah wachale girl . Marie sharing her mama stories and worries, i had somebody to come share my million baby stories with . Stephanie, ...... my partner in crime....we were together all 4 years. Eating, shopping, and eating...haha. She is my personal style consultant and I am going to miss her sooo much.

Now I leave here with a heavy heart but knowing I am doing what is best for my family and myself. I really really hate to leave here. Its like a horrible breakup . But I know Ill be back. Texas Brain and Spine became my family away from home. Before I had a church family , i had them . They carried me through my pregnancy with Brody, my health issues, my miscarriage, The loss of my grandfather, my marriage, my husbands demotion at the prior company , the struggle of trying to sale my house....and they were there to witness the way GOD turned my life completely around for the better..........This entry is making me cry, It also does not help that I made a goodbye Playlist of sad songs, right now its End of the Road by Boys II Man haha

I wonder what God has in store for me next. Who's life will I be able to touch? How many babies will i be able to hug at the school in 2 minutes? haha I am ready Jesus.......Im ready NOW....Use me as you will .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dont lie to me!

Lately I have been thinking about how much faith I actually have in God. I love him with all my heart and soul and fully trust him to come through for my friends and family when they are in need.However once my roller coaster starts going down its so easy for my human nature to take over and be overcome by fear! I wonder why its so hard to believe for yourself what you believe for others?
I'm the same with looks too, My friends can talk so much trash about themselves and all I see is a beautiful person inside and out..(in most cases) haha. However when I look in the mirror give me about 10 seconds and i can pop up with 10 flaws.
I must learn to look at my situation and self in the same eyes I view others. I'm just as deserving , I'm just as much a princess as any of my friends. I will need to learn that enemy LOVES to feed me lies....Pastor Ruben and Alayna once told me ...whatever lie you have in your head, write it down and know with all your heart that the truth is the absolute opposite of that. It works!!! trust me , just try it. It has brought Hope and Faith to me through struggling times.

If I hear I am fat...the truth is I am not
If I hear I am a horrible mother/wife...the truth is that I am a great mom!

Take that Satan!!! Your lies wont work on me anymore....

the more you punch him in the face with the truth , he will soon start to leave you alone.

Hope this helps anyone as much as it has helped me....whatever lie hes feeding you today....write it down ....write down the complete opposite....THAT IS THE TRUTH! GODS TRUTH ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

note to self

Adrina is patient, Adriana is kind. She does not envy, She does not boast, She is not proud. She does not dishonor others, She is not self-seeking, She is not easily angered, She keeps no record of wrongs. Adriana does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Adriana always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres..............

have to reming myself daily haha

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Im sitting here at work thanking God for giving me such amazing little boys to mother. Hayden Scott and Brody Owen are one of the biggest blessings I have ever recieved. When I sit and I think about what I wish I had or whats going wrong in my life, I try to count my blessings and my top 3 are always, my husband, my children and my health. They always do and say the right thing to just make my day . Just yesterday Hayden hit Brody on the head with something. Im not sure what it was but if we here a klunk followed by a scream we can bet its Hayden whacking his bubba on the head with the nearest object. We ran up to him and told him he needed to apologize to Brody and say he was sorry. He did, Brian went on to explain how God had given him a brother so he would always have somebody to play with and he needed to be nice, Then I asked, Would you rather us give Brody to somebody else who needs somebody to play with? ...Hayden looked at me with excitement and said yes!! I tried to hold back the giggle but couldnt.....I hope he didnt know what he was saying yes to but his excitement told me otherwise. Or how Brody was dancing on my bed at 9:30pm and coming over to give me kisses. When he is having fun he usually gives kisses to anyone who would take one....so I layed in bed and enjoyed the little feet jumping on my legs, stomach and hair....THANK YOU JESUS FOR ANOTHER DAY WITH MY BABIES.....THANK YOU FOR BRIAN WHO GAVE ME SUCH WONDERFUL CHILDREN...THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME BRIAN