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Thursday, February 4, 2010

OOOooood Moooorninn Hayden

OOOooood Mooornin is what I hear every time I walk into Haydens room now! I think it is by far the best way to start my day . I walk in he stands straight up , looks at me , with his crazy bed head hair , pops his Binky out of his mouth, and says it loud and with a smiling face. He is getting so talkative now days. Like this morning I was holding him like a baby like I always do and he looked at me and said "put me down mom". Ha ha ...Yeah Im not mama or mommy. Im mom. Ill take what I can get since in earlier stages we could not get him to say mama for anything haha. He is getting so big and he amazes me more everyday with things he knows that I have never showed him. He knows his numbers from 1-10 but he has Little trouble with seven. He knows allot of the alphabet, not in order , but he can recognize allot of the letters. You know for a little guy that didn't walk till 18 months he is catching up pretty fast.

Then there are also little things that remind me how small he still is ,like this morning he saw my vegetable oil bottle. He pointed to it so excitedly and asked me for corn. I explained to him that It was a picture of corn and not actual corn. Well that turned into about a half hour meltdown. So I packaged him up some steamable corn and sent it with him to the Nanny's haha.

That was my morning with Hayden.

I leave you with some of his favorites

Cartoon Character: Wow Wow Wubzy or Spongebob
He loves to wear: Footie Pajamas
He loves to : Brush his teeth!!!
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, French Fries and Chicken
Favorite Drink : Caprisun pouches

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  1. That must be a great way to start your morning! I look forward to the day Katelyn will greet me with "good morning".