"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged, for the LORDyour God will be with you wherever you go. " - Joshua 1:9

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father, I will admit, sometimes I get so scared when the storms of life rock my boat. Thank You that You are in the boat with me, that You will never leave me and that You are always right by my side. That is what You promised. That is what I know to be true.

In Jesus' Name,

I have to admit that lately I have felt the presence of God in the boat with me through this still rocky ride. (And im not talking about the cruise haha ) You would say duh its easy for you to say that you just went on a vacation, things should be looking good. Nope. On our way back from the cruise we did our taxes, to find out we pretty much came out even . Then the accountant told me I had to adjust my exemptions ...so what does that mean? Readjust the budget..yet again. Then on our way home we got pulled over! Yup for going 48 in a 45!!!! Can you believe that. Not even a warning...we got an actual ticket! Calmly however we accepted these hits of life. I think going on the cruise and being away from the normal stresses of life really helped out a bunch! We found love we forgot we had. We realized that it wasnt us , because taking us out of our everyday life , everything changed. I pray to God that may marriage keeps going forward, our situation keeps going forward , and my faith stays strong.
Brian's company has a new general manager and things look promising . So please keep that in your prayers as well. The house is due to short sale before next month . Still no buyers so I will keep praying for that as well. I have faith tho....faith that whatever happens is for a reason. He has a plan.....I just dont know what it is yet. As for right now....I know he is in my boat !

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