"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged, for the LORDyour God will be with you wherever you go. " - Joshua 1:9

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day!

So this year was my third mothers day! It was pretty low key we did Alot but at the same time did nothing! I woke up at 7am (that's sleeping in for me) and started cleaning up the house right away . I cleaned and cleaned till it was time for church. After church we cleaned and cleaned and then picked up Chinese take out. After Chinese take out I told my husband I was going to go take a relaxing bath while him and the boys finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks....So before I even get in Hayden hears the water running and thinks its bath time. So I plop him in, put on my bathing suit...plop in with him and 2 minutes later here comes Brody. Needless to say it was NOT the most relaxing bath in the world but it was fun! Daddy came in minutes later wondering where the boys went ha ha . After the bath it was back to the cleaning station .

Last night was the first night the new nanny stayed at or house! It was kinda exciting and also nerve wrecking. I felt so weird just getting up and going this morning. For ONCE I got to worry about myself and nobody else!!! It was kinda nice but I felt so out of it. I am so excited the boys are going to get to enjoy their house....their toys...their food...I love the idea of coming home to clean house too ha ha . It has been 29 months straight of me doing this on my own. With a handful of nights where i had a babysitter my husband and I hardly spend time outside the home by ourselves...I grocery shop with my kids, I go to the doctor with my kids, I take a walk with my kids. So i hope nobody judges this decision in our life. I feel it is a much needed break!!!! I don't have my mom , and aunt or even a friend around the corner to just drop my kids off while i run an errand. Its me...all me...and if Brian isn't around to help , you can forget anything getting done...I cook , I feed, I bathe, all on my own ..OK well 95% of the time...Not because my hubby does not want to , but I like to take that lead role in my children's life. It also however leaves me with like 10% energy for him and 0 for me.

I cant wait to see what this does to our life's!!!

Happy Mothers day ladies! I have to get back to work!

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