"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged, for the LORDyour God will be with you wherever you go. " - Joshua 1:9

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Words from the Brodster!

Hey guys! Its me the rounder one of mommys babies. I just wanted to let you guys what has been going in my life this last week.
I have been kinda cranky but I have two shiny new teeth to show for it all. Mommy says I will probably just start spitting out teeth since my gums are still very much swollen. Mommy said that when I have all my teeth I can eat more exciting foods like burgers and whole slices of pizza!
Mommy and Daddy set up my pool that I got last year. I didnt really like it much . My brother was splashing too much and it made me scared. Daddy said I was being prissy...but he forgets that I am only 15 months old. I cant even walk yet. But I must admit I am fairly sensitive haha.
I learned to climb up the couch and pretty much anything low enough for me to hop on . Mommy gets so scared when I get up there because I have not figured out how to get down yet. Daddy however is an excellent teacher and I almost have it down. I wanted to go head first but Da-Da..as i like to call him...told me i need to back up. Mommy often finds me on top of my brothers lego table. I like to hop on there and watch tv. I also learned that if I yell at the top of my lungs somebody will come get me down.
Last but not least, I have a new Nanny. I call her Tita...or will one day. She is as tall as me ..hehe ok maybe just a little taller . But she likes to sing and dance for me. She talks really loud when she is excited too. Im still not too sure about her but Im warming up to her.
Well guys thats it for this week...

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